3D Print Commissions

I now offer 3D printing commissions for your 3D models! If you would like to inquire about having your 3D model printed you can message me on Instagram. I aim to keep prices as low as possible, but please understand that I do this after my full-time job so please be patient with me when requesting a quote. I currently do not offer flexible resin parts, but I stand by the quality I provide.

Here is a basic rundown of how the inquire process will work:

  • Contact me via IG. Send either an image of the model you would like printed or a link to download the model
  • Picture or model will be reviewed for quote. Sending the 3D model will get you a more accurate and quicker quote after review.
  • If the quote is acceptable, then a formal invoice will be sent.
  • After receiving payment the commission will be placed in the queue to be supported, printed, cleaned, and post processed. To keep costs as low as possible there may be some sanding required once you receive your 3D print.
  • Please allow for three (3) weeks for your 3D print to be completed and shipped after payment is received. If your print has not shipped by week 3 then I will add a free 3D print from my library of prints. Of course your print could ship sooner, but since I do not do this full-time I only have so much time to support the file and clean the print.

All inquires will be kept confidential and all 3D models will not be shared with anyone. If you decide you do not wish to move forward with the 3D print then I will remove your 3D model from my files.