Loyalty discount program

Here at Blue Inferno Figures we have been thinking of ways to give back to our loyal customers and we have decided to start a new BifCo Loyalty Program.

Each loyalty code is unique so please don’t share your code.

Now my loyalty program is a little different, below will layout how the program works:

  • The more orders you place the larger your discount will grow.
  • I will will add a card to your order informing you of when your loyalty discount grows.
  • Maximum loyalty discount will max out at 20%.
  • My discount codes are stack-able. So you can save even more by combining discount codes.
  • Loyalty discounts last for 3 months. If the code isn’t used in 3 months then the loyalty code will reset to 0.
  • Items not included in the discount are Teal Titan items, because they are still the property of Teal Titan.