Lando’s Millennium Falcon (YT-1300)

Lando’s Millennium Falcon (YT-1300)
Lando’s Millennium Falcon (YT-1300)_image Made of: PLA

This ship holder was designed to hold Lando’s Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd edition Miniatures Game as well as it’s base. The outline on the box indicates the orientation of the ship inside the box as to help you know which way the ship is facing.

The holder was designed by myself and test fitted against the following to ensure they fit together without any issues:
-Lando’s Falcon
-2x 2.0 maneuver dials
-12x tokens (any combination of shield, focus, target lock, and calculate tokens)
-Large base with pilot card
-2x Large base pegs
-Turret dial
-3x Ship indicator tokens
-Small base with pilot card
-2x Small base pegs
-3x Charge tokens
-Card holder (holds up to 13 sleeveless cards)

The boxes locate with two arms and lock together. The magnets are there just in case the locking arms become loose over time. The card holder is also held in place with one set of magnets to ensure the holder doesn’t just slide out.

The holder is 3D printed and made to order. The 3D print takes roughly 48 hours to print.

You can find the holder to purchase from my Etys shop located here